November 10, 2011

School pictures

Look at this little girl! Who would have thought two would be such a "big" age? Not me. 

This girl is on the Go! Try and keep up.
Right now she is in love with all things letters and is starting to potty train.
She wants to watch The Lion King as often as possible, usually once a day. We realized that she is picking up funny phrases from it, like when she surprised us one night after we gave our goodnight kisses and said "Daddy, you're so weird!" (Simba says it to Scar at the beginning of the movie) and then a few days later when I was fixing her hair and she says a disgruntled "Maaa-om!" (Simba says it to his mom when she is licking his fur.) It's amazing how much she is soaking up, like she is doing or saying something new everyday. 

She is going to be a flower girl in my friend's wedding this weekend, so come back for cute pictures in her sweet handmade dress. Crossing my fingers she makes it down the aisle!

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