About me

To put it simply, I am a busy mama and vet student trying to balance it all.

Our little girl, Bea, is four and sweet little Jack just turned one.

I love getting crafty and jumping into DIY projects. I am forever finding the perfect overpriced item that I then make my own version of at home.

Then there are the DIY projects that are just fun, like Bea's Super hero costume I made for Halloween  one year.

I am also working on some wall decor for kids & baby afghans that will be available on Etsy soon.

And then, the vet student in me... 

After enjoying a year off to stay home with newborn Jack, I'm back at it in my third year of school. I feel really lucky to have been able to be home with each of my kids for their first year, and will always cherish that time. Things are super busy again, but a girl's got to craft so keep checking in for updates.

Thanks for stopping by!