November 21, 2011

First movie

Bea and I went on a little movie date -- Happy Feet 2 3D!

Things I learned from this experience: 
-Movie chairs will swallow small children. Use booster seat.
-Bea can put away some popcorn. Consider second bag.
-They make child and adult sized 3D glasses. Two adults, please, my baby's big-brained. 
-Monday evening is a good toddler movie night. Plenty of seats to choose from and front row parking.
-Make sure purse is well organized for quick access to emergency lollipop.
-Don't sit right next to the aisle. Restless toddlers may try to sneak away for a little stair climbing.
-Toddlers look irresistibly cute in 3D glasses, digging into a mini bag of popcorn, ankles crossed, propped up in their booster seat. Get there a little early for a picture : )
-Despite the sweetness of being in their own little seat at the movies, cuddling in mama's lap when scary leopard seals show up will always be sweeter. 

We had a fun time!

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