September 23, 2011

Fanatic Friday

I was reminded again today why I am such a flip flop fanatic as my grey flats (albeit cute) managed to rub an entire layer of skin right off my heel in just the short walk from the parking lot to my nose-bleed section chair in the lecture hall. Maybe it's the beach girl in me but my feet just aren't made for shoes, these babies wanna be free! I'm a tall girl - 5'10" to be exact - so flat, easy-breezy shoes are perfect. We have a professional dress code at school so I have expanded my shoe horizons, which don't get me wrong, I can get excited about a good pair of Steve Madden's just as fast as any other girl, but if I could get away with my comfy Rainbow flip flops the rest of my days, ahhh sayonara blisters. I've even two-stepped in these things. Guess it's just part of moving into the professional world. Bring on the moleskin.

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