September 22, 2011

Our homemade wedding

Mark and I had our wedding ceremony in April of 2009. We wanted to keep it very small and intimate so we had the wedding in my parents' backyard - the house I had lived in since I was four. We were officially married at the JOP first in January so my grandpa was able to perform the ceremony for us at our April wedding. I was so overwhelmed with finishing school, working late hours at an emergency animal clinic, and growing a baby that I basically gave my family free reign to plan our wedding with input here and there on the big stuff. I am lucky to have some very creative crafty ladies in my family. 



  1. Aww, I love this, it looks like it was a beautiful day! I wish I'd made our wedding more hand-made, you're blessed to have some crafty gals within reach!

  2. I think that cake topper is actually stephanotis. Same as in your hair :)