March 20, 2013

A nursing mama's favorite travel accessory --- The Oversized Scarf!

So maybe you're more comfortable whipping your boob out and feeding your baby in public than me, but even with baby two I personally still opt for a covered up approach when nursing on the go. Baby blankets have been my usual go-to for this. There are plenty of nursing aprons you can buy. But when traveling, less is more. My bag is stuffed enough as it is, I'm not wasting precious space on a nursing apron! My easy, stylish solution for a wearable nursing wrap, blanket, and (let's face it) spit-up cover up is this little trendy gem.... an oversized scarf. 

H&M has some winners

Some reasons you should wear an oversized scarf on your next travel venture:
  • Doubles as a blanket or pillow for baby (or fussy husband) 
  • When the inevitable spill, spit-up, leak, etc. happens you can easily cover up or distract from that spot on your shirt you want to disappear
  • Classes up your favorite travel lounge wear & top knot
  • Layers! Your best friend on a who-knows-what-temp-it-will-be airplane
  • Maybe it's not as glaringly obvious that you're nursing... ignore the baby feet kicking out. :)  I mean it is what it is, but I also prefer blending in over the stares from fellow people watchers. They can just notice how awesome your scarf is and then keep those eyes moving. 
  • If nothing else, traveling is unpredictable and having an extra sheet of fabric creates a good back up EVERYTHING. Any traveling mama knows an extra blanket, burp cloth, pillow, play mat, changing mat, cover up, etc. is worth it's weight in gold in a pinch. On our first trip traveling as a family of four, our connecting flight was cancelled and our layover suddenly went from 1 hour to 8 hours. EIGHT hours stuck at in airport with a 3 year old and 4 month old and nothing but your carry on luggage! Could have been so much worse, but my scarf saved the day. Just kidding. Use the extra space to pack extra diapers.
Tip: Go for washable, breathable material and pick a pattern that will hide imperfections, spills, etc.

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