September 26, 2012

Getting colored pencil off of unfinished wood

Just a little blurb on my most recent learning experience, because kids will be kids...

For Bea's birthday present I wanted to make a little craft center in our living room so she would have her own area to keep her art supplies and do her "work." We got a lot of the gear at Ikea, most importantly a $20 table that came with 2 chairs. (What a deal!) I also wanted to set up a peg board to hang all of her supplies from. So last weekend while I was working on said peg board, Bea decided to help out by coloring with purple pencil all over the unfinished wood of her new chair. Bummer.

The damage, after some vigorous erasing with a regular rubber eraser...

Not exactly what I was going for.
I was hoping to avoid painting the chairs so I, of course, consulted the all knowing mother of mine, who suggested trying a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
I am new to the Magic Eraser bandwagon. They really are magical! And possibly my new best friend.

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