July 4, 2012

DIY Fabric Fireplace Screen

We were in need of more storage space and, living in Texas, could sacrifice our fireplace. I looked around everywhere for a pretty fireplace screen and learned one thing --- they're expensive! Time to get crafty. Follow these simple instructions for a cheap and easy DIY custom fireplace screen.

You'll need:
  • ~1.5 yds fabric (I had some pillows I had found at TJ Maxx that were my color pallet inspiration for the room, so after some hunting I found the exact same fabric online and ordered it up.)
  • 3 15" x 30" canvases (Look out for buy one get one free deals or big discounts at Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers, etc.)
  • 4 hinges
For assembly:
  • Scissors
  • Drill 
  • Staple gun

Step 1. Line the three canvases up side by side facing down and attach with the 4 hinges to the wood frame of the canvases. I lined my hinges up so that the top part of the hinge was in line with the top strip of wood so that I didn't have to measure as much. (You can see in assembled picture below.)

Step 2. Put the fabric under the 3 hinged canvases and cut to size so that there are a few inches extra on all sides.

Step 3. Now gently pull the fabric over the edges and secure with a staple gun. Don't stretch the fabric too tight because you want some give so you can bend the canvases. You can even stand the frame up if you have a sturdy holder and staple that way so that you know there is enough give. 

Step 4. Cut any excess fabric around the edges and tack down corners and voila! You have a new storage space to shove all of those extra toys or off season items you don't want to look at everyday. 

You don't even want to see all of the stuff hiding behind this screen. : ) 

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  1. Great idea to purchase canvases. I was going to Lowe's or HomeDepot and get plywood out of the cut bin but this would be easier.