February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day craft

1. Get a silicon or soft heart-shaped muffin tin.

 2. Round up some of those old crayons that are always around.

 3. Peel the crayons and cut them up into tiny(ish) pieces.

4. Fill the heart about 1/3 full with the crayon pieces.

5. Ready your oven! First batch I used the microwave, it takes about 10 minutes. 
(I may have overheated my microwave with this method... use with caution!) 
Second batch I tried the oven. Check often at 300 degrees until crayons are melted.

6. Allow the melted crayon soup to cool for 10-15 minutes or until set.

7. Pop them out of the mold and be amazed at the beautiful colors!

Bea is going to bring these heart-shaped crayons to give to her classmates at preschool for Valentine's Day. 
There are so many fun things to do for valentines, happy crafting!

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