December 18, 2012

DIY Pegboard Craft Center

I built this budget-friendly DIY pegboard craft center one weekend for Bea so she would have a place of her own to keep all of her art supplies and be crafty. I made a pinterest inspiration board (of course!) as I brainstormed this center and used some elements from those pins, and added my own elements too.

I know we all love IKEA for some reasonably priced goods. The table and chairs, magazine file, plastic placemat, magnets, wall-mounted storage bars, hanging basket and plastic hooks on the bars, and the plastic cups and little bins with lids were all purchased there. All items were pretty cheap, but the table is such a great deal --- seriously 2 chairs and a table for $19.99? Can't beat that! The other little clear plastic bins are from the Container Store and are just mounted with pegboard hooks. I attached the mason jars with plastic coated wire I got at Home Depot. Before mounting the board, I just wrapped the wire around the neck of the jar a bunch of times and then stuck the two ends through the holes and twisted them together in the back until the wire was tight (sort of like the way they attach dolls to their box). I like the mason jars on there a lot and wished I had used 1 or 2 more after I hung the board up.

I got all of the supplies for the pegboard itself at Home Depot. This was my first pegboard (and wood purchasing) experience and I learned a few things... 
  • You have to make a frame to mount the pegboard on. (Duh!)
  • Ask the person at the hardware store to use the electric saw rather than the handsaw for accurate wood cutting.
  • IKEA wall mounted storage bars do not fit the pegs.
  • A sample size of paint is perfect for painting your pegboard and they make these adorable little mini-rollers which work perfectly. Paint goes on easily, but scrapes off easily too so be careful with your screws when mounting the pegboard to the wall.
  • There isn't a magical store of cool stuff to hang on pegboards. Bummer.

I wanted a place where Bea could hang up her art work to dry or to admire, so the magnetic dry erase board was a perfect solution --- another place for drawing and to practice letters and numbers, as well as a drying rack. I used a board with adhesive mountings to avoid having to put screws in the door. The tap lights are also a self adhesive solution for lighting and are cheap and super kid friendly.  I used a magazine file to store paper supplies in a space-conscious way. Finally, a plastic placemat was a perfect finish to help protect the table. I got both one completely flat one for everyday use and also one that is more like a serving tray with raised edges for projects with things that will roll away or spill.

Bea has been loving having her own area in the house and all of her supplies at her fingertips! It's a pretty easy project that is definitely worth the effort and can be done for less than $100. 


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